Every thesis paper is the most profound research a student has ever conducted and it is natural that this process of investigation is based on the use of the definite methods that help one reach his expected results. Obviously, this section is very important to every professor, because he evaluates the quality of a thesis paper according to the methods that have been applied by a student. Unfortunately, many students do not know how to do their thesis methodology correctly and the best way out is to read professional writing guidelines prepared by well-trained and experienced writers.

Step One: Point out Your Research Paradigm

When one starts writing his methodology section, he is expected to enumerate the main points he needs to research. After that, he should identify the methods that will be used for research clarifying their importance and usefulness in the logical way. One has to provide his professor with the basic information about the type of research and his own research approach and techniques that will be applied for the investigation of the chosen points. Student should clarify whether he prefers using qualitative or quantitative methods in the definite situations and support his thought with the reliable arguments.

Step Two: Describe How You Collect Data

It is natural that everyone should collect information for his research in order to make his thesis informative and useful for scholars, teachers and other students. This information can be obtained in different ways and one should devote enough time to explain to readers how he has gained data and how this information can be useful for the quality of his thesis paper. One is able to mention various literary sources, interviews, video and audio materials, surveys, archival information, tests, etc. in order to persuade readers that many efforts have been taken to collect data and analyze it professionally.

Step Three: Describe How You Analyze Data

It is not enough to collect information, because it is far more important to manage to analyze it in the right way and achieve something in the end. It is wise to improve the quality of your methodology with the help of numerous creative solutions and research approaches that will show you from the best side. One should invent the most suitable and effective methods and techniques that will help one achieve valuable results. Students can generate a few brand new strategies that will help them analyze data efficiently and write them down in their thesis methodology. Every professor will appreciate student’s creativity and originality of his critical thinking skills. On the other hand, one should be careful to conduct research professionally and analyze facts objectively avoiding gerrymandering.

Step Four: Point out Weak Sides of Your Research

Obviously, it is impossible to investigate a certain topic from all sides; therefore, one should inform readers about weak sides of his research. It is possible to write about any obstacles that have influenced results negatively or any problems that have prevented one to research the definite issues of his thesis paper effectively. For example, one can write about poor validity of tests or insufficiency of methods that have been generated by student for the analysis of the definite problem. Finally, one will have to share his recommendations and tips for other students and scholars who will try to research this topic again.