A thesis discussion is one the longest sections of every thesis paper, because it describes student’s approach towards his research and evaluates the effectiveness of the achieved results. Very often students fail to complete their discussion section successfully, so the best way out is to look through our free thesis discussion writing guidelines that will surely teach one how to organize this thesis chapter in the appropriate manner.

Step One: Explain Your Results

When one has conducted research and he is ready to write a discussion section, he should take enough efforts to collect all his results and place them in a systematic way. The initial duty of every student is to explain and interpret all the achievements professionally. One should enumerate what he has researched and what he has managed to obtain due to his investigation. Naturally, a discussion part is the longest part of a thesis paper, because students have to share their results and explain them in detail. Students should prove to their readers that these results are very important and relevant for his background knowledge and his major discipline. Moreover, it is smart to explain and interpret every method and approach that has been applied for the achievement of these results.

Step Two: Prepare the Answer to Your Research Question

Every thesis paper has its own research question that can be called a heart of the student’s research and it provides his investigation with sense. One should focus on the explanation of the idea of his research question, his expectations about the results of this research, etc. Students will have to answer to this question in the right way. They are expected to present the slightest details of their research, its strong and weak sides and explain how they managed to find the answer to their research question. Although, these descriptions consume much space, the answer itself is quite short and precise, so one should try to express his thoughts in the briefest way.

Step Three: Explain Your Approach

Every young scholar should illustrate the whole process of investigation to his professor in order to clarify the motives and expectations about the effectiveness of his research approach. Obviously, one will need to pay special attention to the description of this approach, its aspects, elements, strong and weak sides, etc. It is wise to say why you have chosen this very approach and what you expected to gain in the process of investigation. Finally, students should treat their approach critically and suggest a few alternative approaches towards the research of this very topic in order to demonstrate their creativity and ability to observe problems in different ways.

Step Four: Evaluate Your Thesis Paper

The final duty of every student is to say a few words about the effectiveness of his study. Naturally, he is able to write about his achievements and successful results, their relevance for the major discipline and his knowledge. It is possible to say about advantages and disadvantages of his methodology and effectiveness of this research. He should write what he has achieved and what he could have achieved if he has had more time and resources. One should be objective and observe the whole process of his research fairly.