A body of a term paper is the most important chapter of the assignment, because it reveals all the student’s ideas and solutions to the problem he has set for the research. The body is also the biggest part of the paper and one should know how to write a term paper body correctly if he wants to succeed in his research project.

Step One: Rely on the Hypothesis

The student should remember that the heart of his term paper lies in the thesis statement which demonstrates the main problem of the research. The body should have tight connections with the hypothesis of the term paper in order to make the reader understand the idea of writing and the logic of presentation of the information. It is reasonable to prepare a slight bridge between the abstract and the body introducing the thesis statement again and trying to develop the idea.

Step Two: Organize the Writing Logically

In order not to miss the point of writing it is reasonable to prepare a brief outline which would contain all the questions and issues planned for the research. After that the student should organize the process of writing logically making the body of the term paper look neat and well-structured. The best way to achieve it is to divide the section into paragraphs and every paragraph would be devoted to the new idea, new argument and new contra argument. Moreover, one must not write the text chaotically – the first sentence of every paragraph should contain the introductory sentence reflecting the problem, then there are arguments or the one side and contra arguments of the second side where the student tries to prove his point of view to the reader.

Step Three: Use Sources Actively

Every term paper is a research of the certain problem and the student should also take advantage of the quotes and ideas of the famous scholars who are good at this field. So, one will need to collect enough sources which would be helpful for writing a quality term paper. The student is expected to insert wise thoughts and solutions from various trustworthy books and periodicals citing them and demonstrating that the student has spent much time for the research of the matter.

Step Four: Keep to the Citation Style

When the student uses quotes from various books, he is supposed to cite every source in order not to be accused of plagiarism. Sometimes students forget to cite the work and the term paper loses its originality, so one should bear in mind that alongside with the presentation of all the important information on the topic he will need also follow the requirements of citation and formatting of the text.