There are moments that students are asked to prepare a persuasive speech in order to practice their communicative and professional skills. Moreover, some businesspersons and teachers have to perform in front of a big audience with an important message and they should know how to construct their persuasive speech correctly. When one hesitates about the right approach towards creation of his speech, he is able to find the answer in our free persuasive speech writing tips.

Step One: Learn about the Topic a Lot

When one wants to prepare a good persuasive speech, he should accumulate enough information about the topic in order to improve his knowledge considerably. It does not worth mentioning that when you know about your subject more, your speech and manner of presentation of facts will be also more interesting and successful. Listeners feel when a speaker is passionate about his subject and when they understand that one tells them worthy things, they will follow his speech and will try to catch and learn something new.

Step Two: Learn about Your Audience

The second step is very important, because it will define the level of interest of your speech. Evidently, the style of narration and the format of a speech depend on the type of your audience. When the audience is mature and respected, you must not complete an informal speech and use slangs or colloquialisms, because these people will not understand you. Therefore, you should keep a serious tone of speaking, be precise and logical in order to catch their attention and persuade them in your smart and sensible ideas. On the contrary, if your audience is young, you can use informal language and insert jokes in the appropriate places with the purpose of attracting attention and making them like you. Young people respect speakers who are able to express themselves in simple and informal manner.

Step Three: Note Your Ideas and Concepts

Now it is time to start writing your speech. One should realize that his speech should be precise and brief. There is no need to speak for an hour, because people become bored very soon. The ideal duration of a speech is about fifteen minutes, because people are able to concentrate only for such a short period of time. The speaker should note his ideas in the briefest way and enumerate his main concepts, decisions and solutions from the least to the most important ones. You will need to say a few words about every element of your problem and link the paragraphs of your speech logically. One should use the most reliable arguments and evidence in order to make his speech persuasive and thought provoking. The audience will believe in your words only if there are the definite and precise facts, numbers and various means of statistics, so you should take care to find such materials for your speech.

Step Four: Prepare to Questions and Practice a Lot

You should be ready to answer questions of the audience, so your knowledge should be enough deep and profound if you do not want to lose face in front of a big crowd of people. If you have stage fright, practice in front of a mirror in order to feel confidently and overcome your fears.