A research report is a name of a narrow research paper. Although it is a bit narrower than a common academic research paper, the manner of its writing is practically the same. Students can be asked to write research reports at high school, though this assignment can be called a typical one at college and university. Evidently, young people possess little experience about research report writing and they require additional piece of advice that can be found in the Internet. Here you are welcome to take advantage of the original and logical research report writing tips that can simplify your process of writing and improve the quality of your assignment.

Step One: Keep to the Format and Style

One should clarify the main question about the format of his research report beforehand in order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprise from his teacher’s side. It is important to get to know about the length or your paper, its format, professor’s personal requirements, etc. in order to give a good start to your research report. When one is writing a report, he should follow its formal style, tense and logic of the presentation of information. It is impossible to change tone and tense of writing from paragraph to paragraph, because your paper loses its integrity.

Step Two: Conduct Research and Prepare Introduction

One is expected to collect information and analyze his topic in detail in order to make his research report sensible and enough informative to his teacher. When your main problem has been researched, it is possible to start writing the introductory part of your report. One should remember that the main aim of introduction is to attract reader’s attention and persuade him to continue reading this report. It is necessary to insert a thesis statement and a research question into your introduction in order to provide readers with the main idea of your investigation.

Step Three: Present the Used Methods

One of the most important sections of a research report is a methodology chapter that illustrates what research approaches, materials and methods have been used for analysis. You should play the role of a scholar and demonstrate the whole process of investigation in the logical and systematic way. It is wise to focus on the methods and their strong and weak sides and show what you have achieved with the help of every method.

Step Four: Discuss the Results of Your Research

Students need to prepare results and discussion sections in order to explain what they have achieved in the process of research and to evaluate their results objectively. It is possible to share your expectations concerning the predicted and actual results of your investigation and to compare these results effectively. One can write whether he is satisfied with his achievements and what could have been improved or done in another way. Finally, students should write about difficulties and problems that have occurred during the process of writing and how they managed to cope with them.

Step Five: Write about All Literature Cited

It is very important to insert all sources that have been used for writing into your literature cited section. One should arrange these sources in alphabetical order starting from author’s last name, then writing a book’s title, place and time of publication.