A thesis statement is the core of the research paper, because it represents the major idea and the main problem suggested for the research. The student who wants to succeed in the creation of the quality thesis should improve his knowledge with the help of the logical and well-organized research paper thesis writing guidelines placed below.

Step One: Do not Try to Complete the Thesis at once

Before writing the thesis statement the student should conduct the research and decide what he actually wants to achieve though his investigation. Only when the student possesses the definite plan for writing, he will manage to generate a good and brief captive thesis statement which would reflect the general idea and purpose of the research. The job is not an easy one, so one should take efforts and brainstorm a quality and catchy declarative sentence which represents all the aspects of the problem under analysis.

Step Two: Point out the Main Aspects of the Problem

The student should remember that he has to create such a thesis statement which would contain all the main points of the topic he has chosen for the analysis. Naturally, in order to do it, he should reread the main body of the research paper and select the main ideas from its paragraphs. After that one should try to put all the points together in the specific way making sure the thesis is a sensible one. It is quite possible to make the basis for the statement from the quotation of the famous personality, but very few research paper topics can be covered by the single famous phrase so one has to brainstorm it himself.

Step Three: Be Brief

The student’s most difficult job is to make the length of the thesis statement as short as possible. The common length of the thesis is only one sentence which contains the main idea of the research. When the student writes more than one sentence, he receives fewer scores for this chapter, because every professor appreciates preciseness, logical thinking and accuracy in his students. It is obvious that a long thesis statement adds a lot of the unnecessary information and the professor wastes his time for nothing, while he has the task to read a pile of other research papers.

Step Four: Place the Thesis Statement Correctly

When the student has managed to prepare a good thesis statement, he will need to place it into the introductory chapter. The common location of the statement is the last sentence of the introduction and it serves as the short and reasonable bridge between the parts of the research paper clarifying the problem which will be researched below.