If the student is asked to complete an effective research paper, he is expected to be aware about the assignment’s structure and manner of writing. The initial part of a research paper is an introductory chapter and the young person can learn how to do a research paper introduction with the help of the quality instructions suggested by the well-trained writers.

Step One: Prepare the Whole Research at First

Many students make a mistake when they start writing the introduction before conducting the research and preparing the whole assignment. One will need to work out the most important issues related with the topic, design the main points for the research, observe them attentively and reach some results. After that the student already has something to write about and he can insert this information in the introduction. It is not wise to do the introduction at once because if one plans to do a lot but analyzes little; a lot of the reader’s expectations will not be met.

Step Two: Attract the Reader’s Attention

Experts suggest that students should take efforts to grab the professor’s attention from the very first sentence of the research paper. So, one should avoid writing dry and boring facts about the problem, but should make the reader interested in the text from the very beginning with an astonishing fact, a provocative question or a funny quotation. After that it is possible to develop the introduction in the formal way sharing the main ideas with the professor.

Step Three: Dwell on the Main Problem of the Research

The middle of the introductory part should be devoted to the presentation of the major points of the research. One should just enumerate what he is going to do in the research, what he wants to achieve, why the research is relevant and important for the discipline and the student’s self-development and what methods and approached one is going to apply to reach his results. The student should remember that he is not supposed to write a lot and explain something. It is enough to share the main points and to provide the reader with the general idea of the student’s plans about writing.

Step Four: Design a Good Thesis Statement

The student will need to focus on the constructing of an effective thesis statement which reflects the whole idea and the argument of the research. It generally embraces only one sentence and it is put in the end on the introduction and serves as a reasonable bridge between the introductory and further sections of the research paper. One should gather his thoughts in order to brainstorm a brief but sensible sentence which would demonstrate what one actually wants to research.