A conclusion is the last important part of a research paper and this section should summarize the whole research conducted by the student and observe his achievements, success and failure. If one requires assistance of the organization of this chapter, he is able to look through the research paper conclusion writing guidelines designed for the student’s advantage.

Step One: Follow the Format

A conclusion is the continuation of the research paper the text of which is written according to the norms of the single format, so one will need to keep on writing in the same way. Of course, there are different styles and types of conclusion which depend on the type of the research paper. For example, the conclusion of the scientific paper will differ from the paper on linguistics, because the aim of the research is completely different there.

Step Two: Grab All the Main Points of the Research

If one wants to succeed in writing a conclusion, he should reread the whole text and collect all the major aspects and questions observed there. The young professional will need to make a brief summary of the whole big investigation and present all the core points of the process of the research. He should remember that he is not expected to write a lot, as it will be enough just to mention the point and say a few words about it. Every new idea should be placed in the separate paragraph.

Step Three: Make the Conclusion Start Smoothly

A research paper is an entire assignment which consists of several sections which play as a single unity though. So, it is important to make a slight bridge from the body of the paper to the conclusion in order to prepare the reader for the summary of the investigation.

Step Four: Connect Conclusion to the Thesis Statement

The student has to remember that a good conclusion is the half of the success, because if one has not conducted profound research but has managed to prepare a good conclusion, the reader will remember about the positive sides of the final part and the general impression about the paper will be positive. In general conclusion resembles an introduction, as the content of the both parts is practically the same. The only thing is that conclusion summarizes the student’s achievements and evaluates the student’s success. The student is supposed to present the answer to the hypothesis suggested in the introduction and provide the solution to the problem presented in the thesis statement. The young professional will need to say why the research paper is important for different people and what useful information he has found during the analysis of the issue.