The body of a research paper is the most important part of the assignment, because it covers the absolute number of its pages and reveals all the points suggested for the analysis in detail. The student who requires a hint for the organization of this chapter is able to take advantage of the well-structured research paper body writing guidelines composed by the professionals.

Step One: Connect the Body with Thesis Statement

Naturally, the student is supposed to construct his research paper and the investigation of the chosen problem around the thesis statement which reflects this issue in the best way. The body of the research paper is supposed to touch upon the thesis statement as the student task is to provide the reader with the answers to the questions which he has set in the introductory chapters. The whole body should be divided into the logical sections which present the aspects of the problem gradually solving the puzzle of the research.

Step Two: Develop the Idea Gradually

The body of the research paper is divided into the logical paragraphs which observe the issue from all sides but pone should learn to organize these paragraphs in the right way to keep the reader interested in the content of the body. The main thing is that the student should provide arguments which support his idea from the least to the most sensible and important ones. He can start the discussion with the slight evidence and continue writing inserting the more reliable theses which can convince the reader in the student’s knowledge and research skills. Every paragraph should start from the introductory sentence which carries the main idea and the further several sentences develop this thought.

Step Three: Add Quotations

A research paper is based on the investigation of the definite problem through the reliable sources – the books and articles of the professional and well-educated authors. One is supposed to insert the wise ideas of these scholars in order to demonstrate to the professor that vast amounts of books and periodicals have been read in order to analyze the problem successfully. Of course, one must not steal the thoughts of the famous scholars and every quotation should be cited according to the requirements of the format.

Step Four: Keep to the Style and Structure

When the student has started to write the main body of the research paper, he is supposed to continue presenting facts and arguments in the same manner. The paragraphs should look like one another and their size should be more or less equal. Finally, one should not write chaotically, but present arguments and counterarguments one by one without confusing the ideas and different theses.