A common research paper should possess a well-organized abstract which would reflect the student’s idea of the research, the summary of the research paper, the key words and other most important points of the assignment. The student is able to learn how to prepare a research paper abstract with the help of the well-designed guidelines.

Step One: Present the Problem of the Research

The beginning of the abstract should contain the persuasive elements which demonstrate to the reader the importance and relevance of the research. The young professional is expected to explain why the research is helpful for the personal development and what can be taken from the paper for the improvement of one’s knowledge. One should enumerate all the most important aspects of the research in the briefest way in order not to overload the reader with information. Moreover, the details will be presented in the main body of the research paper.

Step Two: State the Methods of the Research

The student will be surely asked to insert the enumeration of the methods of the research into the abstract in order to provide the reader with the general impression about the quality and responsibility and creativity of the young professional. Evidently, one should not explain the choice and usefulness of every method to the teacher, because it will be done in the methodology section of the paper. The student’s task is just to give a hint about the presence of the mentioned methods in the process of investigation.

Step Three: Clarify the Results of the Research

The following student’s duty is to present the results of the investigation in the brief manner. An abstract is like a short summary of the research, so one should just present what he has expected to achieve before the research and what he has achieved after the investigation. It is possible to compare the results of the project with expectations in one or two sentences stating whether the research has been productive or not and what can be done to improve it.

Step Four: Conclude the Abstract

The final part of the abstract should attract the reader’s attention to the quality of the research and the enumeration of the problems which have been met while investigating the issue. One can write that he has not managed to observe the topic from all sides, and point out what aspects of the problem can be observed further by other students. The student should clarify how the research and its results can be useful for the different groups of people and where the achieved knowledge can be applied on practice. All in all the information inserted into the abstract should cover no more than one page of the standard text.