Very often the students, who study at high school, college and university and some businessmen, who have to develop some projects for their firms are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation, which would demonstrate their ideas in the appropriate neat form. The student, who does not know how to write a PowerPoint presentation correctly, should rely on the professional assistance of the writers, who design free PowerPoint presentation writing tips online.

Step One: Think About The Type Of The Audience

When writing a PowerPoint presentation the student should think about the type and the age of the listeners, who will watch the presentation. It is obvious that a school or a college presentation is not the same as a business presentation, where one has to be serious and to provide the audience with the maximum of arguments and facts. The style of such a presentation should be formal in order to avoid offending someone looking unserious and irresponsible in their eyes. The school variant of this assignment can be done in the informal way, because the majority of the young people do not enjoy listening to the boring dry facts.

Step Two: Dwell On The Manner Of Presentation

It is natural that one has to prepare an interesting text, which would be clear and understandable to the audience but it is also important to master the range of other skills like a body language and the right intonation. The speaker has to learn to present everything in the loud voice with the medium tempo. Moreover, he should be expressive and use gestures while speaking to the audience. Finally, there should be the close connection and synchronization between the speaker and the slides demonstrated on the screen.

Step Three: Work Out The Materials Correctly

It is natural that the student must not insert the whole text of the presentation into the slides of PowerPoint. One has to focus on the most essential information from the presentation and present it in the way of the points, which follow one-by-one. A detailed outline will also be very helpful to plan the whole process of the presentation. The notes should reflect only the main idea of writing without the focus on the deep explanation of the idea. It is not necessary to insert big amount of text into the presentation, because the audience will not read it anyway and it is also quite difficult to read long sentences from the screen.

Step Four: Design The Slides Well

Obviously, the general view of the PowerPoint presentation is very important, so one should pay more attention to this matter. It is not reasonable to use the tasteless colourful backgrounds, which do not let the guests read the text written on it. Moreover, extremely bright or dark colors also spoil the general impression about the presentation. The font should be easy for reading and its color must not interrupt the audience from the perception of the information. The student should also improve the quality of the assignment with the help of graphs, tables, audio, video files and images. These effects make the presentation more acceptable, closer and understandable for the audience.

Step Five: Follow The Structure

The young professional has to do his best to do the PowerPoint presentation according to the right format and structure, which contains such essential parts, as the introductory slide, which describes the main issues that will be discussed; the body – the actual discussion of the points; and the conclusion, which summarizes the content of the presentation and evaluates its effectiveness. One should express his ideas in the clearest way and should try to keep the audience always interested in the presentation.