WritingProgress is the website, which strives to provide students with the effective assistance in the form of writing tips, instructions and various pieces of advice about the appropriate organization of the texts of different types. It does not worth mentioning that many smart students still require trustworthy help with writing of their papers and only the real experts are able to teach the young people how to prepare high school, college and university assignments in the right way.

Where Our Writers Come From

The idea to create a useful and an informative website for the students of all levels has united the most talented people who want to share their knowledge and experience with the young generation for free. The members of the team come from the English speaking countries – the USA, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, so that from the countries where English is the native language. It is a big plus that our writers, designers and editors come from the different parts of the world, because they share their own experience with one another contributing to the enrichment of their background knowledge and professional skills.

The Writers’ Competence

If there is the idea to establish a quality and helpful service, it is necessary to involve the group of well-educated and intelligent people who will work hard for the development of the service and for the improvement of the quality of the articles and instructions suggested for students. So, WritingProgress is the place, which has attracted Master’s and PhD writers who have graduated from the prominent colleges and universities of the English speaking countries. They possess enough experience to organize logical, interesting, precise and brief articles and guidelines, which illustrate to the students how to make a high-quality essay, a research paper or a thesis in the right manner.

The Writers’ Strong Sides

The absolute majority of the writers and editors who organize articles for the website have had teaching experience at various educational institutions, so they are aware about the requirements of every written assignment, its format, length and structure. What is more important is that the experts are good at the student’s psychology and they understand young people perfectly well being able to find the right approach towards everyone. So, the instructions and guidelines in the step-by-step form are written in such a way to let everyone understand these tips at once due to their simple structure and precise manner of presentation.

We want to make the student’s life easier establishing the website, which would contain the unified knowledge about the standards of writing of all sorts of academic papers. It is of vital importance to deliver this experience to the younger generation in order to motivate them to improve their creativity and critical thinking skills contributing into the further development of the fields of arts and sciences.