A movie review is the assignment, which is characterized with the analysis of the movie suggested by the professor or chosen by the student himself. Obviously, the assignment can seem to be the easy one, but the actual truth is completely different, because one will need to observe the film from all possible sides starting from the special effects and finishing with the ideas hidden behind the screen. The student is able to see how to do a movie review correctly with the assistance of the free writing tips prepared by the experts.

Step One: Watch the Movie Several Times

The most important initial action about writing the movie review is the attentive watching of the film. The student who wants to understand the plot and he idea of the movie should watch it attentively absorbing its dialogues, narrations, monologues, special effects, the quality of the picture, etc. It is very difficult to prepare a good movie review if one has seen the film only once, so it is recommended to watch the movie at least several types in order to catch all the important aspects and concepts hidden behind the screen. At the first time the student watches the film in order to receive the general impression and to understand the movie. The second time will be much more difficult, because the young person will have to take notes during the process of watching of the film. Although, it is not convenient to stop the movie every 10 seconds and note the dialogues, landscapes, special effects and other important moments, the student should still have to do it.

Step Two: Dwell on the Technical Value of the Movie

When the student watches the film, he should pay attention to everything – the quality of the script, the actor’s play, the cast, their costumes, music, special effects, dialogues, etc in order to create a positive or negative general impression about the movie. First of all one should focus on the director’s work and decide whether the movie is shot well and whether the movie depicts the problem or the event under description appropriately. Then, one can write about the quality of the picture (mention whether the film is black-and-white or is shot in colour), the success of the choice of the soundtracks, the quality of the chosen costumes, etc.

Step Three: Construct a Good Thesis and Introduction

A good movie review can not be written without the definite core sentence, which would characterize the whole film in the briefest way. This sentence is called a thesis statement and it expresses the quality of the movie in a few words. After that one should construct the introductory part naming the title of the movie, its director and the leading actors. Moreover, the student should insert a brief plot summary of the whole movie to provide the reader with the idea what the film is about.

Step Four: Make the Body and Conclusion

The body should contain the objective analysis of the mechanics of the movie and its plot. The student should present the information in the logical paragraph by paragraph way covering all the important elements required for the professional movie review. In the end the student should conclude the review successfully evaluating the film properly defining its relevance, informative value, and comparing it to the similar movies of this genre and to the movies of the same director.