A literature review is the paper, which is characterized with the detailed analysis of the certain book or the group of books, which belong to the same genre or which are used in the big research paper, so, in this case the literature review is the a part of the bigger assignment. The student who has the task to prepare a literature review will need to follow the free literature review writing guidelines in order to learn more about the process of writing.

Step One: Speak to the Professor

It is important to clarify the type of the assignment from the very beginning in order to avoid misunderstandings and failures in future. The student should ask the professor about the length and the format of the literature review and clarify the number of the sources, which will be looked through. After that one can start working out the sources and brainstorming the topic for the research. Obviously, it will be wiser to narrow the topic as much as possible and to devote more time to the definite issue than to waste efforts on the broad weird problem.

Step Two: Create Your Thesis Statement

The student’s paper can not be written without the definite idea, so the core of the literature review will be the thesis statement, which reflects the purpose of the student’s research and its importance to the reader. The student should devote much time to the creation of the brief thesis as this part of the review should reflect the whole research in the single sentence.

Step Three: Prepare an Introduction

The introductory part of the literature review should define the type of the sources, their main idea, their authors, the years and the places of publication, etc. These general facts will allow other students and scholars to find these sources through the catalogues if they are interested in them. The introduction is mainly the first impression about the source, so one will not have to dwell on the detailed explanations of the content and the structure of the books and periodicals.

Step Four: Complete the Body

The main body of the review is supposed to inform the reader about all the peculiarities of the sources under analysis. If the student has to observe several sources, he should place them in the logical and chronological order starting from the A letter of the author or the title of the source (depending on the format of the review). After that it is possible to arrange the sources according to their theme if the student has a great number of books and periodicals about different problems and requires logical organization of their order. The body should also cover the brief presentation and evaluation of every source (if there are many sources the student should prepare a short 100 word text about every book in order to avoid overloading the reader with the odd information).

Step Five: Conclude the Literature Review

The literature review should be concluded in the professional way – the student is expected to share his impressions concerning the usefulness of the sources for the research, their content, their practical value, etc. It is also possible to compare the usefulness of the different sources between one another and observe some similar books and articles of the same authors for comparison.