A thesis statement is the integral part of an essay which is supposed to be placed in the introduction and demonstrate the problem which will be observed in the main body of the paper. Many students do not know how to make an essay thesis statement correctly, so they have the opportunity to learn about it with the help of the writing guidelines.

Step One: Find the Core of the Problem

To begin with, the student has to define the major problem of the essay, because the thesis statement will be based on this idea. The young professional has to think about the topic and brainstorm as many related problems on the matter as possible to possess the clear understanding of the point of the research. When one has understood what he will write about, he is partially ready to prepare a thesis statement.

Step Two: Insert the Statement in the Right Place

There are two major options of placing the thesis statement in the essay – at the beginning of the introduction and at the end of this section. The finite position of the thesis statement in the introduction is more preferable, because the text becomes more logical and precise in this way. Moreover, it will be easier for the reader to catch the idea of the essay if the statement is put like a bridge between the introduction and the body of the essay. The reader sees the statement and he starts waiting for the supporting sentences in the text below.

Step Three: Choose the Right Tone of the Statement

Thesis statements often reflect the author’s opinion about the problem under research, so the majority of such statements have the positive or critical tone depending on the attitude of the student towards the matter. On the one hand it is right, because the reader starts to expect the student’s personal solution towards the problem, but on the other hand, the essay becomes a subjective one and loses the freedom of choice and the freedom of the reader’s mind.

Step Four: Design a Good Question

It is quite reasonable to prepare the thesis statement in the form of a question, because it provokes the reader to seek for the answer to the question and turn on his brain. Of course, it is not easy to brainstorm the right question, so one will have to conduct the research at first and collect information about the problem and only then there is a chance to succeed in writing the right question which possesses the main idea and reflects the major point of the essay.

Step Five: Do not Hurry to Write the Statement

Many students fail to prepare a quality thesis statement just because they forget that it should be written in the end of the process of writing, when the research has been conducted and all the questions have been answered to. When one prepares the statement before writing the whole essay, there is a risk of the incomplete and imprecise understanding of the main problem.