Every experienced writer will agree that an effective introduction of an essay is the 30% of the paper’s success, because it is not easy to organize the right introduction which will attract the reader’s attention at once. In order to learn how to do an essay introduction correctly, one can rely on the writing tips below:

Step One: Think about the Major Problem

The student’s primary task is to gather all the sources required for writing on the table and to think about the major points, questions and issues which should be discussed in the essay. The young professional will need to construct a detailed plan of writing organizing his thoughts in the good order. The only initial thing which the student ought to remember about the introduction is its size – this part of the essay is supposed to be brief and its main role is to grab the reader’s attention with the interesting and thought-provoking short text.

Step Two: Create an Interesting Question

The introduction is most often started with the help of the controversial or relevant question, so that the reader begins thinking about the answer to the question becoming interested in the author’s reply. Interesting questions can be really effective, because the majority of people feel bored while reading different types of texts, so if they see an interesting or shocking sentence, they will continue reading the rest of the essay eagerly.

Step Three: Avoid Being Too Informative

Many students make a common mistake making their introductions overloaded with facts and unnecessary explanations and arguments. Obviously, they do not need to insert any informative sentences, because there will be nothing left for the main body of the essay which has the descriptive and explanatory function. One must not retell the plot of the essay – he needs just to inform what the essay is about and why it can be useful for the reader.

Step Four: Keep to the Format and Style

It is very important to follow the style and grammar of writing in order not to spoil the general impression about the essay from the very beginning. The student will need to have the introductory part written in the formal tone avoiding colloquialisms and slang words. The provocative and controversial questions should also sound formally, though it is possible to insert the slight informal elements if it is necessary for the observation of the topic and the main problem of the essay. Finally, one will have to write the text without any grammatical errors to maintain the quality of the essay.

Step Five: Finish the Introduction Effectively

The most reasonable way to finish the introduction is to brainstorm an interesting and logical question or statement which will be the smooth bridge between the introduction and the main body of the essay. The sentence should contain the main idea of the essay and provide the reader with the hint what the essay will be about.