Every essay is supposed to be finished with a quality and sensible conclusion which would summarize the information given in the main body and persuades the reader in the writer’s point of view. One can find out how to do an essay conclusion successfully if he follows the instructions of the guidelines below.

Step One: Focus on Reader’s Perception

A conclusion is a very important chapter of an essay, because according to the human psychology, the human being remembers the information delivered at the beginning and the end of the text. So, the effective introduction and conclusion can improve the quality of the whole essay, even if the main body is prepared in the poor way. The student is able to focus on the informative value of the conclusion if he feels that the essay body is not good enough for the excellent mark.

Step Two: Think about the Length

Before writing the conclusion the student should remember about the length of this chapter, which should be very brief. The role of a conclusion is to summarize the core issues and points of the essay and evaluate them in the proper way. There are two options for students to end the essay – with the detailed conclusion (when the student sums the text up himself) or with the open conclusion, when the reader has the chance to generate his own ideas about the problem under research and demonstrate his own positive or negative attitude towards it.

Step Three: Find the Major Points

In order to prepare an effective and interesting conclusion one will need to reread the essay one more time and find the core issues which have been observed there. After that the student should try to organize these main points in the logical way and construct a very short paragraph which would evaluate the student’s attempts to analyze these problems say whether he has managed to do it or not.

Step Four: Insert a Thesis Statement

It is possible to make the conclusion even more effective if one introduces the thesis statement like he had done in an introduction. A wise statement or question will be quite useful for this occasion. The only thing is that one will need to change the thesis statement a bit in order to make it different form the question placed in the introduction.

Step Five: Be Precise

The main task of the young professional is to make a brief conclusion which would just touch upon the points which have been observed in the main text. When the student starts writing a lot, it is not a conclusion but the continuation of the main body of the essay. Moreover, it is not necessary to repeat the information in the same words – one should paraphrase the sentences to make the conclusion sound different from the previous part of the essay.