Dissertation results is the chapter of a dissertation which demonstrates the achievements and results of the research. Sometimes students do not know about the right approach towards writing the results section of a dissertation, because the paper is quite long and it is difficult to define the exact results which are worth attention. So, when one requires a good hint to writing this section, the free dissertation results writing tips will be of good help for him.

Step One: Be Precise and Accurate

The major difficulty is writing the results section goes through the student’s misunderstanding of the idea of this chapter. Many students start enumerating all the achievements in the slightest details forgetting about the requirement of briefness and logical presentation of the information. The student should bear in mind that only the core results are worth attention and it is not reasonable to provide the teacher with the unworthy results which do not influence the solution to the problem seriously. One will need to learn to select the core achievement form the big pile of results demonstrating the achievements in the specific order – from the less important to the more important ones.

Step Two: Be Clear and Keep to the Style

It is important to be logical and understandable to the reader, otherwise it will be difficult for the teacher to catch what the student is writing about. One should make sure that the professor knows about the exact results of the research and he will understand the student’s explanation in the results section. When the student provides the professor with the define facts and numbers, he should try to be as logical and precise as possible making the text understandable to everyone. He must not overload the text with the too obscure information and omitting using the complicated numbers like 8,79%, when it is possible to write 9%.

Step Three: Avoid Details

A results section is quite a short chapter, so there is no need to dwell on the slight details, as they have been mentioned before in the previous sections of the dissertation. The student should just point out the results without providing the professor with too much information about the matter. On the other hand, the student should be careful to present all the important results he wanted to demonstrate as there is a risk of omitting something really valuable. The young person should try to look through the text of the dissertation and choose the results which worth attention and then transport them in to the results chapter.

Step Four: Describe the Results through Pictures

The student should remember that he is obliged just to describe the results of the research and there is no need to explain them as it is the task of the dissertation discussion section. It will be wise to describe the results with the help of graphs and statistics which would help the reader see the actual achievement and solid arguments and evidence of the student’s work. While demonstrating the graphs and tables, one will have to describe them in the proper way in order to let the professor catch their importance and usefulness for the research. The use of pictures often economizes time, because it is easier to show something than to describe it in detail.