A good dissertation can not be written without the detailed planning, so the student is obliged to prepare a logical and well-structured outline which includes all the points for the research. Naturally, many students do not know what type of an outline they have to hand in, so they need a slight hint for writing. Due to the creativity and intelligence of the smart writers students are able to look through some free dissertation outline writing tips and learn something new about the process of writing.

Step One: Prepare an Introduction and Research Questions

The initial point of the outline of the dissertation is its introduction. The student is supposed to clarify the purpose of the research, state his predictions, aims and reasons why he has decided to analyze this very problem. Moreover, the introduction should possess the research questions which demonstrate to the professor the major issues and topics which will be discussed in the main body of the dissertation. The introductory part will also contain the thesis statement which illustrates the idea of writing the dissertation. One can look at the hypothesis and catch what the dissertation will be about.

Step Two: Focus on the Literature Review

The outline will need to contain a few words about the sources which have been used for the research. The student is expected to present the list of texts and authors who devoted time and efforts to the research of the same problem before and prove to the professor that the sources are useful and relevant for the investigation of the issue. The young professional should state why he has chosen these sources and how they will be helpful for the process of writing.

Step Three: Enumerate the Methods and Theories

It is impossible to research a problem without the definite set of methods, techniques and scientific approaches, so the methodology section will be very important in the outline. This major “Methodology” point can be divided into several subtopics where the student observes the research approach of every method and technique. Furthermore, it is wise to focus on the theories and practitioners who have researched the problem before and observe their theories and concepts separately devoting a new line of the outline to every new idea.

Step Four: Prepare Conclusions and Appendices

In the end the student will need to insert the conclusions section into the outline which will summarize the dissertation objectively. Obviously, one should also share the personal opinion about the suggestions about the further research and this point should be introduced into the outline as well. The following section is called appendices and it includes the helpful materials, such as tables and graphs and images which have been used during the investigation. The final section is bibliography which illustrates the sources applied in the process of the research.

Step Five: Follow the Requirements of the Format and Be Brief

The student who wants to succeed in writing his dissertation outline should follow the details of the format and organize the section in the right way paying attention to the style and size of the fonts, margins and intervals between the lines of the text, citation style and other aspects. The points inserted into the outline should be brief and precise in order to avoid overloading it with the odd facts.