Dissertation discussion is one of the sections of a dissertation which is supposed to summarize the results of the research and achievement of the paper. Very often students require additional piece of assistance on writing their discussion chapters and they are able to improve their knowledge about the professional organization of this part with the advice of the free dissertation discussion writing tips prepared by the intelligent writers.

Step One: Explain the Achieved Results

When the student has written the major chapters of the dissertation, he is supposed to make a brief summary of the research explaining the results of the investigation to the reader. Before writing the paper the student has put a range of questions which defined the idea of the dissertation paper and he investigated the problem following the major points of the topic trying to prove his hypothesis. So, it is time to present the achievements to the reader. First of all one should just enumerate them and then interpret in detail in order to make the reader understand the effectiveness of the research and the objective usefulness of the results.

Step Two: Prepare the Answer to the Question of the Research

The young professional will need to answer his research question efficiently in order to prove to the reader that the research is logical and useful for the student’s self-development and for the major discipline and the topic under research in particular. The student’s duty is to prepare the definite and precise answer to the thesis statement and the questions brainstormed before writing the dissertation. Naturally, there can be several research questions and the student will have to write down the answers to every one.

Step Three: Describe the Approach

It does not worth mentioning that the student will need to be objective and critical towards his dissertation in order to be able to evaluate the paper appropriately. He will need to think about the methods and techniques used for the investigation and observe the results trying to clarify their usefulness and relevance. Every dissertation should possess the original approach towards the research of the suggested topic and the student will need to describe his own understanding of the problem brainstorming the effective methods and approaches towards the analysis of the issue. It is important to explain every approach in order to make the professor catch the student’s idea and personal vision of the matter. Sometimes students invent the brand new approaches which deserve the highest mark and praise from the teacher’s side, no wonder, dissertation discussion section is one of the most valuable ones as it reveals the originality of the paper.

Step Four: Summarize the Dissertation Objectively

The final stage of writing the discussion of a dissertation is the critical analysis and evaluation of the quality of the research. The student is expected to observe the strong and the weak sides of the investigation and decide what has been done successfully and what could have been researched in the more scrupulous way. Moreover, one can think about the alternative approach towards the research of the problem and share his personal ideas about what can be done by other scholars who want to research the same topic in future. So, it is not enough just to describe the study, but one should also think about the further improvement of the paper.