Every dissertation is supposed to be finished with the conclusion in order to summarize and evaluate the long research in the professional and efficient manner. When the student does not have enough experience to complete his professional and logical conclusion for the dissertation, he is able to find the assistance here relying on the well-structured free dissertation conclusion writing tips prepared by the smart and creative writer.

Step One: Summarize the Dissertation and Remind about the Problem

The beginning of the conclusion is the brief summary of the dissertation and main points which have been observed there. The student is expected to remind to the reader the major problem of the dissertation, write about the hypothesis and questions which have been planned for the detailed analysis. The points and elements of the research should be presented in the chronological way to make the quality and informative summary of the content of the paper. Obviously, one must not write a detailed and broad summary of the whole dissertation, because everything has been already told in the previous chapters of the dissertation, so one can present the main facts in brief.

Step Two: Draw the Main Conclusions

The student should draw the essential conclusions observing the results of the dissertation. It is natural that one should not enumerate everything what he has achieved during the research but still the major reflections concerning the investigation should be made. The student is supposed to clarify what he has found out and how it will influence the topic and the major discipline. Evidently, if there are serious contributions onto the subject due to the dissertation, such a paper can be called the successful one.

Step Three: Clarify the Importance of the Research

It is very important to explain to the professor why the dissertation is important for the discipline and for the student’s self-development. It is quite natural that the student will need to be persuasive in order to convince the professor that the scientific text of the dissertation with its achievements and results will be useful in different spheres. First of all, he can about the people and organizations where the results of the research can be used on practice. After that it is possible to dwell on the strong sides of the research demonstrating the relevance and usefulness of the dissertation for other scholars who want to develop the topic further and the students who can use the text of the paper for writing their own academic assignments.

Step Four: Leave the Comment for the Future Research

It is obvious that the student is not able to research the issue from all sides from the first attempts and cover it in the borders of the single dissertation, so it does not worth mentioning that the topic is not analyzed from all possible sides and there is always space for the more profound research. The student’s task is to provide the future scholars and students with the recommendations concerning the strong and the weak sides of the research and focus on the points which still require more scrupulous analysis. Finally, it is possible to write about the obstacles and time limitations which have been faced on the way of the investigation.