A dissertation is the assignment, which is written by the students who are going to build their academic career defending their Master’s and PhD degrees. The paper is quite a big-in-volume one and requires a year or two of the intensive research covering about 100 pages. It is probably the most difficult assignment written by the student, so he has to devote the maximum of his efforts to succeed in the process of writing. Moreover, it is useful to learn something new about the basic organization of the paper reading free dissertation writing tips composed by the intelligent experts.

Step One: Communicate with the Advisor

The advisor is the professor who is responsible for the assistance and facilitation of the student’s process of writing. It is wise to learn about the technical requirements of writing, the structure and the formats of the dissertation, to clarify the quality of the chosen topic for the research, its relevance and efficiency. The student has the right to contact the advisor as much as he needs, because the constant control over the student’s work is very important for the latter.

Step Two: Follow the Structure

Before writing the student is expected to compose a good outline, which would contain the problem, the points of the research, the logical enumeration of the sections of the dissertation, etc. The young person should remember about the core chapters of a college or university dissertation. The paper starts from the abstract, then follows the introductory part and the literature review section, after that the student inserts methodology and data analysis, next – there are discussion and conclusion and in the end one introduces the results of the investigation, the dissertation’s hypothesis and references. It is important to remember that these parts have to be written in this definite strict order.

Step Three: Maintain the Proper Style of Writing

While writing a dissertation one should think about the appropriate manner of presentation of the information. The language should be formal, one should use scientific terminology and keep on writing in the third person as it is a standard of all the academic papers. The student has to remember about the fact that the sentences should be short and clear in order to make the text understandable to the professor and every specialist in the topic under research. The text has to contain the arguments and the quality information, which enables the student to defend and support his point of view and his hypothesis.

Step Four: Focus on the Methods and Citation

In spite of the fact that a dissertation is a completely original piece of writing, the student should still use the reliable and quality sources written by the famous scholars in this field. Evidently, every quote taken from the text book and the author’s book about the topic under analysis should be cited in the professional way. The type of citation is supposed to meet the requirements of the format. The methodology of writing is very important for the success of the dissertation, because the professor should know about the student’s research approach towards the problem, so one should select the most suitable methods for the research of the matter.

Step Five: Complete the Discussion and Reference Sections

Discussion is the chapter, which summarizes the student’s success in writing and demonstrates what he has achieved during the research. Moreover, one can write about the difficulties, which he has faced during the process of writing of the paper; the complexities of the experiment, etc. The student can also say whether he has achieved the predicted results and can evaluate the usefulness of the whole text. The reference is quite an important part, which demonstrates the student’s ability to choose the most appropriate sources for the research. The sources have to be organized in the right manner meeting the requirements of the format.