A capstone project is a complicated assignment for college and university students who are going to defend their Bachelor’s degree. The paper is quite big-in-volume and it is supposed to demonstrate to the professor the student’s accumulated knowledge during the latest three years of studying. Naturally, the student is expected to introduce something new into the discipline and the topic under research in particular, so he has to work hard to succeed in writing. In order to prepare a capstone project successfully one will need to take advantage of the free capstone project writing tips suggested by the team of the intelligent writers.

Step One: Collect Information about the Project

Before one starts to write a capstone project, he will need to speak to his advisor and to choose the right capstone class and to sign for the project there. The young person should choose the best topic for the research in order to be able to observe it from all sides and present a profound analysis of the problem and generate its best solution. Moreover, one should learn about the technical requirements of writing – the format of the project, the structure, the length (which can vary from 20 to 30 pages od the quality text), its complexity and the deadline. It is better to ask about the peculiarities of writing from the very beginning to avoid negative surprises in the process of writing.

Step Two: Choose the Topic and Write an Introduction

The success of the capstone project depends on the effectiveness of the selected problem for the research. The young person can generate his own topic or just choose the one from the teacher’s list. The only requirement is that it should be close and interesting to the student. In order to organize the process of writing and the analysis of the matter one should do a good outline, which would contain all the chapters, the core points and the issues of the capstone project.

Step Three: Research the Problem Well

Generally students have enough time to research their topic from all possible sides, as the course lasts for more than six months. The young professional will need to use this time effectively and collect the right sources (books and scientific journals and online articles) to find there the reliable information for the analysis of the matter. The student should focus on the methodology of the research and brainstorm the list of the most appropriate methods, which would make the project interesting and informative to the professor. The methods can demonstrate to the teacher the student’s creativity, the level of knowledge and his ability to investigate complicated problems with the help of various research approaches. The complexity of the student’s work lies in the need of brainstorming of something new for the discipline, so one should look through many books and periodicals to find something really original for the scrupulous observation.

Step Four: Follow the Outline and Conclude the Project

Every student who needs to know how to write a capstone project successfully should bear in mind that the main thing is the structure, so he has to follow the order of the logical outline and complete the project chapter-by-chapter in the step-by-step way. It is quite wise to remember about the citation style, which depends on the format of the capstone project, so every borrowed quote must be cited according to the standards of the format. The references and the list of the sources should be formatted in the same way. When the student is through with the research, he should summarize the capstone project properly and share his success and failure with the professor in the written form.