A conclusion for the book review is the chapter which is aimed at the summarizing of the student’s work in reviewing the selected book. The student is supposed to illustrate his achievements, share the results with the teacher and make the final comments on the book evaluating it to the audience. When the student is not aware about the appropriate writing of this section, he is able to read free book review conclusion writing guidelines and improve his chances to cope with the assignment well.

Step One: Prepare the Audience for the Conclusion

It is impossible to start writing the conclusion just after the main body section, as it is necessary to write a short statement which will inform the reader about the facts that the student has just begun to summarize his work. When the student is through with the statement, he should recall the general information about the book, its genre, author and volume in order to remind the reader about the type of the book and its problem.

Step Two: Clarify the Strong and Weak Sides of the Book

It is natural, that the student is expected to illustrate what he likes and dislikes about the book, its problems, themes, characters, events, style of writing, language, vocabulary, volume, etc. It is quite difficult to evaluate the book objectively, so one should just try to be as accurate as possible to explain what strong and weak sides the book possesses according to his personal point of view. It is possible to focus on the problems, the author’s writing skills, the easiness of reading, constant anxiety in the text, etc. The student should be precise and clarify his statements concerning the analysis of the book with the help of the evidence and arguments from the text.

Step Three: Evaluate the Author’s Skills

One can not evaluate the book without paying attention to the author’s creativity, manner of writing of the book and his ability to make the reader always interested in the contents of the book. The student will need to dwell on the vocabulary and the types of the sentences which were used by the author in order to define whether the book was interesting and easy for reading. Moreover, it is wise to compare the book under the review with other books of the same author focusing on his progress, success and failure.

Step Four: State whether the Author Achieved His Aim

Obviously, the student will need to say whether the author has managed to deliver his message or the main idea of the book to the reader. Naturally, one should also share his impressions about the text with the audience and say whether the book is worth reading by others or not.