A book review is the assignment, which is practised among high school, college and university students and they are supposed to present the general description of the book drawing their own conclusion about its usefulness. Many students confuse book reviews with book reports, as the difference between these two papers is quite slight. In order to learn about the peculiarities of writing of a book review, the student has the opportunity to look through the free book review writing tips designed by the well-trained writers online.

Step One: Read the Book and Take Notes

The student’s primary duty before book review writing is to read the book attentively trying to catch the main idea, the core problems and the themes hidden in the text. The young person has to take scrupulous notes while reading the book in order to be able to remember all the necessary facts about the characters, the plot and the events described in the text. If the student manages to record all the essential moments and description, which can be found in the text, the quality of the review will be quite high and the young person’s work will be quite productive. In order to improve the further quality of the book review one should compose an outline, which would keep the structure of the paper in the right order meeting the requirements of the chosen formats.

Step Two: Dwell on Descriptions

It is not necessary to retell the whole plot in detail; one should just focus on the general issues related with the problems and the themes of the book. The student is supposed to make the audience interested in the process of reading of the book, so it is not right to reveal all the interesting moments and clues, which explain the puzzle of the story. One should just provide the reader with the slight clue and attract his attention to the text. In order to observe the text efficiently, the student will need to get absorbed into the content trying to connect the events demonstrated in the text with the reality of the time when the book was written. It is also quite wise to find the interesting and original information about the author and his political and social views, because the book is the part of the author’s heart and mind. The background information about the historical peculiarities of the events that have been revealed in the text and details about the author’s life will make the plot of the book more understandable.

Step Three: Keep to the Right Style of Writing

When one is not sure how to write a book review correctly, he often means the peculiarities of the style and the manner of presentation of the data. Naturally, the book review should be written in the slight informal tone, because it is a personal piece of writing, where the student shares his own ideas about the problems of the book. Taking into consideration that the review is completely subjective, the young professional is free to criticize the author and the plot of the book and disagree with his ideas, decisions and solutions. The content of the text should be rich in the quotes, which will make the book review informative. Furthermore, the student is able to analyze the stylistic devices used in the text to evaluate it from the point of view of poetics and stylistics.

Step Four: Conclude the Review Effectively

If the student is through with the presentation of the main ideas and problems of the book, he is able to evaluate its usefulness to the common reader. One can define who the book will be interesting to and what kinds of people will be glad to devote their time to its reading. Finally, it is possible to compare the book to the other books of the same author and to the other books of this genre from the foreign literature.