A thesis statement for a book report can be called the heart of the paper, because it defines the reason and the motifs of the research and the description of the chosen book. The student who is asked to prepare an effective thesis statement for the report will need to learn about the right approach towards writing and the logical creation of this section. One can succeed in writing of the thesis with the help of the book report thesis statement writing guidelines composed by the experts.

Step One: Be Positive towards Writing

It is logical that the student is supposed to treat his assignment positively if he wants to impress the teacher and to be awarded with the good mark, so he will have to read the book, enjoy it and then brainstorm and effective main idea of the analysis which can become the heart of the report.

Step Two: Be Precise

The student is supposed to focus on the narrow presentation of the thesis statement which will be later placed into the introductory part. The thesis statement should occupy no more than just one sentence; otherwise the teacher will reduce the student’s mark as the latter is not able to present his point of view accurately. Moreover, the statement should cover only one problem of the book; otherwise it will be difficult to catch the purpose of the report and the detailed research of the book under analysis. Even if there only two or three problems, it will be already impossible to distinguish the single aim of book report writing.

Step Three: Use Quality and Rich Vocabulary

The student will need to insert into the statement the learned and colorful terms and word combinations in order to differentiate the statement from the rest of the text and to emphasize the importance and exclusiveness of the research. It is natural that the young person is able to use the quotations from the books of other authors if they accurately represent the student’s feeling and understanding of the text under analysis.

Step Four: Keep to the Contents of the Book

Very often students make a common mistake – they forget what the book is about and make broad thesis statements which have nothing to do with the actual problem of the book and its main idea. The young person should cover only the problems which have been really observed in the book without inventing the new ones which have never been found there.

Step Five: Read Other Statements

It does not worth mentioning that the student should enrich his experience and mind with the help of the thesis statements which have been read by other students and professional writers, so he is free to read as much as possible to develop and sharpen his writing skills.