An introductory part for a book report is one of the most important initial sections which define the quality of the paper. The aim of a book report introduction is to make the reader acquainted with the type of the book, its author and general details, so one should take many efforts to complete a well-structured and precise chapter of the assignment. Fortunately, one can focus on the logical book report introduction writing guidelines and see how to do the section correctly.

Step One: Follow the Details of the Format

The most obvious initial requirement for every student is to discuss the peculiarities of the book report with the professor. One can get to know about the style of writing and manner of presentation of facts which will be accepted by the teacher. The first sentence of the introduction should include the title of the book and its author. It is also wise to mention the country the author is from, the genre of the book and other elements which can be mentioned by the teacher.

Step Two: Clarify the Choice of the Book

The student is supposed to inform the reader about the actual choice of the book for the analysis. One is able to write that he was interested in the genre of the book; its title; he just fascinated with other works of the book’s author, etc. Naturally, there can be many reasons why the student has chosen the book for the report but he should try to persuade the professor in the sensibility and selective approach towards this process.

Step Three: Describe the Book Briefly

It is very important to provide the reader with the general information about the book from the very beginning in order to attract attention towards the book. One is able to write about the major idea the book represents, though he is not required to dwell on the details of the book, as they will be presented in the other following sections of the report. The student can also start with the catchy quotation from the book in order to impress the audience and to make them understand what the book is about.

Step Four: Prepare a Short Summary

It is possible to provide the reader with the brief summary of the book in order to make the audience aware about the events and personalities described there. Without a short summary it will be complicated for the reader to evaluate the book and to catch its main theme. In addition, the introductory chapter will need to inform the audience about the interesting facts about the book or the author, for example, the awards, or to mention that the book was a bestseller in its time.