A conclusion of a book report is the section which is aimed at the professional summary of the whole report and critical evaluation of the book and the work conducted for its analysis. The conclusion should cover the whole process of report writing defining its effectiveness and quality of the research. Obviously, a good conclusion can be prepared with the help of the well-structured book report conclusion writing guidelines which can improve the student’s knowledge about the quality organization of the text.

Step One: State What You Like and Dislike

The primary student’s task is to prepare the reader to the conclusion of the report. One is able to compose a brief statement which will serve as a bridge between the body of the book report and its conclusion. The student is supposed to focus on the different sides of the book and say what he has enjoyed while reading the text and what he has disliked. Of course, it is necessary to explain the student’s point of view with the help of the definite arguments and quotations from the book. It is possible to clarify one’s opinion in the briefest way in order to save time and space and mention the most important strong and weak sides of the book still keeping the audience interested in reading the text.

Step Two: Evaluate the Writer’s Style

The second step is to play the role of a critic and evaluate the writer’s effectiveness in presenting information and expressing his ideas in the book. The student should mention whether it is easy or difficult to read the text, whether the author has managed to attract the reader in the constant focus, etc. The young professional will need to pay attention to the peculiarities of the style and manner of writing of the author which differentiates him from other writers of the same genre.

Step Three: Interpret Idea of the Book

The student will need to say what has attracted his attention and what has impressed him while reading the book. One is able to try to interpret the author’s personal thoughts on writing the book, though it is impossible to guess what the author wanted to say with the help of the text. The student should try to explain the main idea of the book according to his personal point of view.

Step Four: Say whether the Book is Worth Reading

The final part of the conclusion should evaluate the author’s work and the success of the book. Obviously, the student should say whether he would recommend the book for reading to other students supporting his words with the quality arguments. In the end one can write a sentence which will demonstrate to the reader that the student is through with the report.