A book report is a common assignment for high school, college and university students who are involved primarily into arts – language and literature fields of study. These students are surely asked to prepare a book report at least once per semester and the majority of failures occur just because the young people possess poor knowledge about the right organization of the assignment. So, the free book report writing tips below will be useful for the students who require a slight piece of help with the appropriate manner of writing of the text.

Step One: Read the Book Attentively

Before the student makes his mind how to write a book report, he should dwell on the reading of the chosen book. It is important to read it attentively in order to catch the slightest details and descriptions of its characters, events, nature, objects, phenomena, etc. The student will learn many new and fascinating things while observing the author’s descriptions and monologues, which most often express his personal point of view about the current situation. Moreover, the student must not forget about taking notes while reading in order to possess the useful quotes and material near at hand. So, if one takes scrupulous notes while reading, he will be through with the half of the whole job, because all he will need to do is just to find the quote and to rewrite it on the paper.

Step Two: Complete the Outline and Decide What to Write

When the student is through with the book, it is time to start writing the report following the peculiarities of the structure and of the required formats of writing. The student has to define the scope of the research, to make his mind about the ideas, which are necessary for the presentation of the report and to construct a logical and detailed outline, which would contain all the points planned for the analysis. A good outline will make the process of writing easier and will save much time for the student to do something else except of book report writing.

Step Three: Focus on the Content

The student has to think about such important details of the report as the general idea of the book, its themes and problems reflected in the text, the slight description of the main characters and their relation to the events revealed in the plot. The plot itself can be presented in a few sentences, because the idea of the book report is not the chronological reproduction of the text but the presentation of the main ideas and problems of the book. The student has to think about the abstract things observed in the book and to try to complete a critical paper about the value of the book and its importance for the national and international literature.

Step Four: Share Your Own Ideas and Check the Report

It is not enough just to observe the book from all sides, as one has to think about the author’s ideas and his manner of presentation of the content. The student should play the role of the critic, who evaluates the literary work objectively. The student has to decide how the author reflects the main themes, which can be found in the text and to draw the wise conclusions on the matter. The book report can be written in the slightly informal tone, though it is better to carry it out in the formal way for the personal advantage. The text should include arguments, quotes and references which support the student’s thoughts. Finally, it is necessary to check the text attentively in order to detect errors and edit the whole paper before handing it in to the professor.