An assignment is a written paper, which is supposed to make a student develop his theoretical and practical knowledge on every discipline. It can be compared with homework, because the paper is usually done at home. There are many types of high school, college and university assignments, which differ according to their length and complexity and the student possesses different writing terms to complete these papers by the deadline. It is impossible to provide the single algorithm of writing of the assignment, but it is possible to teach students how to write the assignment in generally, that is why the free assignment writing tips below will be really useful for every student.

Step One: Think about the Assignment

When one is asked to prepare a certain assignment, the student should think about the type of the paper, should ask about the requirements about its structure, format and should learn about the writing terms. If the assignment is a big one, for example, a dissertation, the student has more than a few months in his disposal, while the shorter papers, like essays, have to be handed in earlier. So, the initial student’s job is to learn about the genre of the written paper and start thinking about the manner of writing and the problem of the research.

Step Two: Collect Information and Analyze It

If the student has learnt everything about the peculiarities of the genre of the assignment, he should start researching the suggested topic scrupulously. First of all one should create a logical outline, which would be helpful for the appropriate and smart organization of the assignment’s structure and the order of the presentation of the text. One is free to use libraries of online sources to collect the right books and articles, which can help one develop the problem of the assignment properly. When the information has been gathered, the student should analyze it and organize it in the logical and sensible way building the well-formatted and smart text full of the essential sections.

Step Three: Follow the Structure of the Paper

No matter what type of the assignment is under the student’s observation, he will definitely have such sections as introduction, body and conclusion. If the assignment is the more serious one, the student will need to demonstrate the methodology of the analysis in the separate chapter of the paper. The student will have to treat this part with responsibility, because every professor pays much attention to the student’s research and critical thinking skills. The concluding part should be well-organized as well, because the student summarizes the work, shares his impressions about the value and relevance of the assignment and writes what has been difficult for him and what he has achieved during the research.

Step Four: Pay Attention to Citation and References

Naturally, every student is expected to use additional help for writing reading various books and articles of different scholars. It does not worth mentioning that one must not steal the content from these texts and the student’s duty is to cite every quote correctly following the requirements of the format. References are also organized under the direct influence of the requirements of the format and the student should ask the professor about the formatting style in order to be on the safe side and prepare the right text from the first attempt.

Step Five: Check the Assignment

When the main part of the text has been written, one should begin to check the assignment scrupulously in order to hand in a grammatically and stylistically correct paper. One can read the paper several times and even scan it with the anti-plagiarism program to avoid possible accusations from the professor’s side about the originality of the text.