An article review is the assignment which is written by the student who has decided to read and work out the certain article and point out its major ideas and problems. Naturally, very few students are able to prepare a high-quality article review without the possession of the experience and knowledge in this field. The best way to learn how to do an article review properly goes through the professional tips constructed by the experienced writers.

Step One: Concentrate of Reading

It does not worth mentioning that it is impossible to complete a good article review without the attentive reading of the text itself. The student, who is going to analyze the article and its structure, should focus on the attentive reading accompanied with taking notes in order to mention every important fact, problem, thought and concept written in the scientific text. The student should understand what he is reading about in order to prepare a worthy and well-structured informative piece of writing. The young person will have to cover the whole article and mark or write down the key information, which can influence the quality of the review.

Step Two: Create an Outline

Obviously, a good paper can not be written in the spontaneous way, so one will definitely need to construct a detailed and quality outline, which would organize the process of writing successfully. The student will need to mention the core problems in the chronological order in order to avoid missing any. Naturally, he will have to make as many points in the outline as possible to make it detailed and informative. The outline should cover both – the author’s opinion and concepts and the student’s personal thoughts. The idea of writing of the article review goes through the analysis of the author’s ideas and argumentation and the student’s comments on them, so one will need to plan the personal presentation of the arguments and facts, which would slightly criticize the author’s text.

Step Three: Complete an Introduction

The introductory part of the article review will need to start from the presentation of the author, the title of the article, the year of its publication and its length. The student will need to provide the reader with this brief information in order to help the latter find the source where the article is published. The introduction should also dwell on the problems that have been revealed in the article and on the evaluation of the relevance and the practical usefulness of the text.

Step Four: Focus on the Main Problems of the Article

In the main body of the review the student will need to enumerate and slightly summarize what the text is about and what concepts the author has analyzed. One should try to mention every important idea in order to make as informative review as possible. The student is able to explain to the reader the meaning of these ideas and concepts creating a personal interpretation of the content of the article from the professional point of view.

Step Five: Summarize the Review

The final part of the review is called conclusion and there one should focus on the evaluation of the usefulness of the article for the interested students and scholars defining the strong and weak sides of the research. One will have to provide the reader with the author’s findings and achievements described in the article.